Orange County, New York


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County/Shire : Latitude: 41.38798, Longitude: -74.354805


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Amanda J  Oct 1829Orange County, New York I5270 Main 
2 Ann Matilda  Sep 1825Orange County, New York I8720 Main 
3 Anna  1796Orange County, New York I7008 Main 
4 Asenath  20 Oct 1815Orange County, New York I8972 Main 
5 Elizabeth J  Abt 1820Orange County, New York I1162 Main 
6 Hannah  Between 1821-1826Orange County, New York I4048 Main 
7 Jane  Abt 1814Orange County, New York I8404 Main 
8 Louisa  Abt 1825Orange County, New York I82 Main 
9 Maria E  Abt 1837Orange County, New York I8804 Main 
10 Phebe E  Abt 1832Orange County, New York I86 Main 
11 Ruth  Abt 1794Orange County, New York I7268 Main 
12 Sarah  Abt 1806Orange County, New York I3349 Main 
13 Sarah C  Abt 1832Orange County, New York I7452 Main 
14 Ackerman, William Denton  Feb 1841Orange County, New York I8387 Main 
15 Babcock, Eleanor  5 Apr 1797Orange County, New York I244 Main 
16 Brandt, Robert T  8 Jan 1927Orange County, New York I7575 Main 
17 Brown, Addison W  Abt 1864Orange County, New York I8725 Main 
18 Brown, Adelaide  Abt 1851Orange County, New York I8742 Main 
19 Brown, Adelia  Abt 1844Orange County, New York I8740 Main 
20 Brown, Adelia  Abt 1870Orange County, New York I8726 Main 
21 Brown, Albert  Apr 1848Orange County, New York I8746 Main 
22 Brown, Alfred P  Abt 1856Orange County, New York I8724 Main 
23 Brown, Amy J  Feb 1869Orange County, New York I8745 Main 
24 Brown, Augustus H  Jan 1857Orange County, New York I7909 Main 
25 Brown, Caroline  Abt 1862Orange County, New York I8748 Main 
26 Brown, Ellen V  Feb 1850Orange County, New York I8741 Main 
27 Brown, Frances  Abt Dec 1859Orange County, New York I7910 Main 
28 Brown, George Spencer  Abt 1857Orange County, New York I8747 Main 
29 Brown, Harriet  Abt 1836Orange County, New York I8463 Main 
30 Brown, Henrietta  Abt 1860Orange County, New York I8744 Main 
31 Brown, Julia A  Abt 1834Orange County, New York I7402 Main 
32 Brown, Lavina  Abt 1845Orange County, New York I8722 Main 
33 Brown, Marietta  Abt 1864Orange County, New York I7911 Main 
34 Brown, Mary E  Abt 1843Orange County, New York I8721 Main 
35 Brown, Mary Matilda  Abt 1841Orange County, New York I8465 Main 
36 Brown, Silas  Abt 1854Orange County, New York I8723 Main 
37 Brown, Silas G W  Sep 1821Orange County, New York I8461 Main 
38 Brown, Tressa  Abt 1855Orange County, New York I8743 Main 
39 Buchanan, Margaret  Abt 1815Orange County, New York I7872 Main 
40 Cain, Anna  4 Apr 1803Orange County, New York I970 Main 
41 Canton, Mercia  28 Feb 1842Orange County, New York I3937 Main 
42 Case, Tabitha  Abt 1808Orange County, New York I2642 Main 
43 Conklin, Emma  Abt 1892Orange County, New York I7466 Main 
44 Conklin, Thomas  5 May 1800Orange County, New York I2992 Main 
45 Cooley, Julia  27 Nov 1808Orange County, New York I217 Main 
46 Cooper, Elizabeth  16 Jun 1780Orange County, New York I1149 Main 
47 Davison, John Garrett  Nov 1868Orange County, New York I7510 Main 
48 Davison, Mary  Abt 1859Orange County, New York I7512 Main 
49 Donald, Charles Benjamin  14 Dec 1853Orange County, New York I3559 Main 
50 Dunn, Alphonso W  Abt 1853Orange County, New York I8555 Main 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Call, Mary Ann  Between Dec 1890-May 1898Orange County, New York I242 Main 
2 Furman, Isaac  Between Aug 1870 and Jun 1874Orange County, New York I241 Main 
3 Gardner, Abigail  25 Apr 1810Orange County, New York I8441 Main 
4 Mapes, James L  Feb 1926Orange County, New York I8749 Main 
5 McKay, Joseph Henry  Aug 1927Orange County, New York I7603 Main 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Babcock / McKee  11 Oct 1852Orange County, New York F1407 Main 
2 Ludlum / Stanton  21 Dec 1859Orange County, New York F1786 Main 
3 Mapes / Ramsey  Sep 1756Orange County, New York F51 Main 
4 Stanton / Kniffein  19 Nov 1885Orange County, New York F2231 Main 
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